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How to Pump Water

  1. How to Drill a Well
  2. How to Build Human-Powered Water-Lifters
  3. How to Make a Hand Pump
  4. How to Make a Hydraulic Ram Pump
  5. How to Make a Foot Pump
  6. How to Make a Roundabout Pump
  7. How to Make a Unimade Pump
  8. How to Make a Solar Pump

How to Purify Water

  1. How to Filter Water with a Sand Filter
  2. How to Lower Water Turbidity with a Roughing Filter
  3. How to Make a Coffee-Clay Water Filter
  4. How to Make the Sri Lankan Clay Water Filter
  5. How to Pasteurize Water with a Plastic Bottle
  6. How to Test if Water Is Pasteurized
  7. Water Supplies for Food Processing
  8. How to Purify Water with Moringa Seeds
  9. How to Purify Water With Solar Distillation
  10. How to Improve Water Quality Using Vetiver Grass
  11. How to Purify Water with Chlorine Tablets
  12. Portable Devices for the Production of a Chlorine-Based Solution

Water Irrigation Systems

  1. Micro Irrigation
  2. How to Use the Porous Clay Pots and Pipes System

Water Transport

  1. How to Transport Water
  2. How to Get a Q-drum
  3. How to Get a Hipporoller

How to Harvest Water

  1. How to Harvest Rainwater
  2. Small Scale Water Harvesting
  3. How to Harvest Run Off Rainwater
  4. How to Stock Water in Cement Water Jars
  5. How to Build an Impluvium / Rain Tank
  6. How to Build a Kund
  7. How to Build Dams
  8. How to Build a Groundwater Dam
  9. How to Build a Rainwater Tank: Sri Lankan Pumpkin Tank
  10. How to Build an Underground Brick Dome Water Tank
  11. How to Build a Fog Trap

How to Manage Water Resources

  1. How to Organize a Water Committee
  2. How to Control Water Hyacinth

How to Plan a Canalization System

  1. How to Start the Slum Networking System

How to Manage and Treat Used Water

  1. Ecological Sanitation

How to Manage and Treat Solid Waste

How to Build Toilets, Watering Points and Washing Points

  1. How to Protect Water from Pollution
  2. How to Build Emergency Camp Toilets
  3. How to Build Community Toilets
  4. How to Build Individual Toilets
  5. Bathroom Toilet Unit
  6. How to Build Dry Toilets
  7. How to Build a Compost Toilet
  8. How to Compost Toilet Waste
  9. How to Build a Village Fountain
  10. How to Make a Tippy Tap for Hand Washing
  11. How to Build a Village Washing Point
  12. How to Use Washing Water -Grey Water-

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